Your ideas + Google Summer of Code + Sourcefabric = Awesome!
  • Dear Sourcefabric community, 

    we at Sourcefabric currently preparing our application for Google Summer of Code (GSoC)
    We've conducted some research and talked with people and institutions who already participated. The main points are: 
    - to offer projects which the students can finish in three months (eg. finishing a feature, plugin, etc.) so they'd have something to show once they are done. 
    - we want to ensure that we have plenty of mentors which also sit in different timezones. Google actually really likes it when mentors also come from the community of the applying company
    As you're a part of our family we'd like to pick your brain for ideas and suggestions - and please come forward if you'd like to be involved as mentor!

    What do you think? What are some must-have features/plugins/projects we could get started at GSoC? 

    Please send me your ideas and input to *-* Thanks! 

    Let's rock! 

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  • Ha, and you can comment too :) 
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