Airtime on VMWare
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    Hi Kai,

    > i have now airtime successfully installed on windows server with vmware
    > sphere.... can you me say what is the port for the firewall - I can call
    > the airtime in the web browser on my computer ?

    Airtime is set up to use Apache on the standard port 80 by default. Can
    you access the IP address of the virtual server from your web browser?


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  • What are your network setting on your VM? Are you using bridged mode for instance?
    If you use bridged mode This will allow your VM to grab a dynamic ip via DHCP. Once your sure you have valid network connections. you should be able to access Airtime via the VM's IP in a web browser(80). This is all assuming you are using 'localhost' as your fqdn, but should work the same regardless. Also note that airtime install scripts setup 3 or 4 other web administratable daemons. Think about this when planning your firewall.

    -- edit I just realized this post is for archiving only. Someone may find configuring VM network settings useful.
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