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Re: *NEW* Newscoop Frontend -> on github
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    Gee, I forgot all about that. We need to think about it. I CC Eva as
    well, she needs to manage this.

    On Wed, 2013-03-13 at 12:13 +0100, Pete Haughie wrote:

    > Did we get anywhere on this? There are a few little tweaks that would
    > be nice to implement in forks of the main themes that we could peer
    > review and hopefully integrate into the live product.
    > Pete
    > On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Micz Flor
    > wrote:
    > Hi Newscooponians,
    > (btw.: who is on the dev list?)
    > We have been plotting over lunch about how to create a good
    > space where simple Newscoop ideas as well as entire themes can
    > live and be alive.
    > The easiest and arguably even best place would be on github.
    > How exactly we should do this, I would like to hear from the
    > developers. In my mind it is a project like
    > https://github.com/sourcefabric
    > but called "Newscoop-Frontend" (or similar)
    > Each theme in there would be e.g. "Theme-NewCustodian" or
    > something like this.
    > We could also park best practice examples there and smarty
    > tweaks and what not.
    > We thought about this, because Pawel seems to be going to some
    > hackfest on HTML5 and wants to do something with the Newscoop
    > API (correct me if I am wrong).
    > Also, I could finally park my latest invention there, rather
    > than have it washed away by the many blog posts on our site:
    > http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/community/blog/1225/
    > Interested to hear feedback from you guys.
    > All the best, micz


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