cant add book to a group
  • Hi,

    1) i add a book and edit the book
    2) add a new group
    3) press go button on the new group i created
    4) go to "books" tab to add my book but non of my book show up in drop down menu.

    any body know why??
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  • i think i know why i dont see my books.
    i think because i set book name in Hebrew.
    what can i do that i can write the book name in Hebrew?
    how can i pass that?
  • You can have book name in Hebrew. Url name for the book will be in ascii (because some other components in our eco system can not handle unicode names).

    In your case this is happening because your book has hidden status. If it was not hidden it would be available in your dropdown option.

  • Hו,
    thank you for the answer.
    the status of all my books is new not hidden.
    i can see only the books that have name in English

  • Status "New" is for the Chapters (I assume you are talking about the TOC). There is a predefined list of them and you can easily change it according to your workflows.

    If you go to "My Dashboard" and then "My Books" you can see options "Show to others" and "Hide from others". With that you can turn off or on visibility of the book. It should be visible to others if you want to have it in the drop down menu for the groups.

  • i checked and "show to others" is checked.
    but when i try to add a book with a name in Hebrew i cant see the name in Hebrew .
    i see some gibberish in English so i dont know what book to add to a group.
    i guess the solution is to write the name of the book in English.


  • True... true.. Do you have one of our Booktype Pro instances or you installed it yourself? This is a small issue where for the name of the book we use short url name and not full title. I will add this issue to our tracker and if you have Booktype Pro instance I can fix it on your instance also.