Is your Airtime sluggish with huge library or large amount of scheduled items?
  • We've heard a few reports of this for 2.3.0 however no one has been able to provide a database dump thus far so we can investigate. If you find this is the case, please run the following from the command-line:

    sudo -u postgres pg_dump airtime | bzip2 -c > out.bz2

    Post out.bz2 privately somewhere and send me a private message with the link. We will look into this and attempt a fix before 2.3.1 scheduled to be released next week.


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  • Would love to help... How big is huge? I don't have our entire library ready yet but can probably drop in about 5k tracks.

    If this would help, can you pm me a google address and I can share the dump via google drive.

    Todd Fisher Wallin, Operations Coordinator - WDRT-FM Viroqua, WI
  • Hey! Martin just closed #CC-5002. Thought it was a bit vague, to be honest. I've had issues where the "processing" pop-up captures the window and won't let it go. Chalked that up to intermittent disconnection issues between the server and remote browser myself. With WiMAX, you'll have that. :D You're probably running on dedicated local hardware though, right? In your experience, can you think of any especially slow spots thus far?