Publication design templates using CSS
  • Just signed up and experimenting with the system. I just wanted to write and publish: I didn't really expect to have to be a CSS scripting expert in order to to make even reasonably presentable vanilla design e-books.

    Are there CSS scripts for more 'designed' books out there that I can start with? Basically to use as a template? Even pay for?

    My main problems are with designing front and back page covers and adding footnotes, and I can see how difficult it's going to be to add design features like photo captions, text boxes, page numbering, indexes, etc.

    Anyway, will keep plugging on. BTW I'm using Booktype pro online, on Chrome.

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  • Rohan, I am running into this exact issue as well. Were you ever able to come up with a solution or did you ever get an answer back from the Booktype team?
  • Hi Rohan,

    if you are talking about styling the book for the export there is a possibility to style it during the export.
    We are in the process of creating new interface where user will be able to style the book without any CSS knowledge, but currently you have to use CSS.

  • Why not downloading free After Effects Templates from online? It requires so much time to code and design the templates. Also, when it is free you can improve the presentation of your videos without spending a penny.