Removing or modifying shared snippets
  • Hi,

    I have been playing with snippets and I realize that I attached an image that is slowing down the loading of the page.
    Is there any way to remove the attachment or the share snippet?

    Also, with we have hundreds of snippets, can they be grouped in sub-pages to avoid such effect on loading the page?

    Thanks for the support and for this beautiful work!
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  • Hundreds of snippets? What are you doing with them, if it is not a secret? :)

    No, when the snippets were created there was no idea of their management or of their content (from the web interface). Clearly, this is something we should put on the roadmap. 

  • It is not a secret !  :-) :)>-

    Actually I have been playing with booktype for learning purpose.
    While playing with snippets, I attached an image for test only to see how it would look, that's why I wanted to remove it because it was slowing down everything.

    But it is no big deal! I have my backup before I created that. 

    Thank you for considering it on the roadmap.