Status on API development?
  • Dear Sourcefabric Team,

    you told me on twitter to hit the forums with my request, so here I go :)

    I searched the forum regarding API development for Airtime. There were some posts last year mentioning a new API. But there seems no real development thus far. It seems that this is no priority, I can not find anything in the roadmap except image support for the now playing API. Had hopes for 2.3 after the last reply I got. :) Or am I wrong and I just looked at the wrong places? :D

    Airtime is great and I'm really thankful for all your effort and hard work. But in my opinion a working API with detailed data about all upcomming tracks (and shows) is crucial to build awesome sites around the radio station.

    For our German 24/7 podcast radio ReliveRadio a friend modified ApiController.php in order to get a tracklist for the day

    Are there any concrete plans to implement a new API? Would be so great! Otherwise I'm stuck with 2.2.1 for a very long time :)
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  • I don't usually push forum posts, but I am desperate for an answer :) Is there something in the pipeline for 2.4? :)
  • I could really use this too - and that adjustment for smart blocks that can play cuts based on relative time rather than absolute time (which is nearly useless).  

    Is there a timeline for either of these?