Booktype - integration support for CMIS (i.e. Alfresco, Sharepoint, etc)
  • Hello all,
    I stumbled upon Booktype and was quite impressed to find a collaborative editing tool such as this available!

    Question: Does booktype already have, or could it be planned, to include some type of connector (such as CMIS, to allow direct import of document fragments from those library/systems as well as 'publish' or push of final artifacts to?

    Usecase would be if a CMIS (sharepoint, alfresco, etc) repository already has stock texts such as preface, examples, or other text to easily import directly from those storage locations, as well as if there are pictures, graphs, or other image artifacts also stored in a CMIS repository to import as well (and support 're-import' of any of these artifacts for updated versions, such as a user manual for an app and it gets updated screenshots).   Very useful if working on multiple books at the same time, or having other artifacts being updated (pictures) external to booktype.

    Let me know thoughts!

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  • Hi Darren,

    yes, it would be a good add on. We haven't had that requirements so far. At the moment people are interested to fetch images from other repositories (the plan is to include Media Library from one other Sourcefabric product). Fetching documents and other resources over CMIS would for sure include better support for importing things from different Document formats. As one could suspect, it is frequently requested feature :) After that, I would assume something like CMIS would be a natural step (for a certain set of users).