Few little glitches (searching for feedback)
  • hi all, we have had airtime 2.2 running on a debian server for a couple of months now. Only 2 glitches:

    1. once a webstream took over liquidsoap and was impossible to kill it even after stopping and relaunching icecast. we could go live over it with Master Source but once the session was closed the webstream took over and did not respect the calendars playlist. We had to reboot the server cause 

    invoke-rc.d airtime-playout restart
    invoke-rc.d airtime-media-monitor

    couldn't get rid of it.

    2. After rebooting we have seen that the new uploaded files don't appear in the library. Running both of the above mentioned commands solved the problem.

    I have read that adding this line below to /etc/fstab could solve the issue:

    none dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec 0 0

    But after reading few more posts, I'm not sure if this is only needed for servers running on VPS.. and that is not our case.

    So any quick hint is appreciated. Could be that 2.3 solves both issues?


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