Ar! There be leaks!
  • Not sure what's at fault, exactly...

    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [amplify_5390:3] End of the current overriding.
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [queue:3] Prepared "/var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/35.m4a" (RID 12).
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [amplify_5390:3] Overriding amplification: 1.000000.
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [lang:3] /usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/liquidsoap_scripts/ --data='0' --media-id=602 &
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [clock.wallclock_main:2] Source dummy(dot)1 failed while streaming: Cannot allocate memory in fork()!
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [clock.wallclock_main:3] Raised by primitive operation at file "", line 765, characters 8-14
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [map_metadata_5401:3] Inserting missing metadata.
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [lang:3] Using stream_format 0
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [main:3] Shutdown started!
    2013/02/10 18:30:02 [main:3] Waiting for threads to terminate...

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  • There should be a new Liquidsoap release soon, which we will push to our users as soon as it's ready.
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  • Hey, any updates on the update? :)
  • Liquidsoap 1.1 is around the corner - there have been a few small delays. We will push it out when it's ready.
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  • So if I leave the http://airtime interface up and open at night for several hours then come back, the entire process basically grinds to a halt. The whole machine (2.3ghz i5) starts to tweak until I (ssslllooowwwllly) manage to force quit Firefox. Don't recall Safari exhibiting this behavior, but I'll try tonight.

    Thoughts ya'll??