Introing the next song/segment
  • Well, cross fade seemed like a good idea to accomplish what I want but then I realized my failed logic in that so... I'm coming here for some ideas.
    I have a playlist
    intro3... et

    Between each song the "intro" items are basically a dry voice where I say "that was [artist] with [song title]. Up next is [song title] by [artist]"
    I used to just mix all of this together in adobe audition (1.5 because it's better) and I'd put the songs one right after the other and then volume down where my voice comes in because I don't want any dry voice without background music.

    Is there a solution to doing this? Basically when a song has x seconds left, dropping the volume down to x DB and begin playing the intro item at xDB for x seconds then play it at full volume thereafter?

    The reason why it would be better for me not to do a mix down is because, I want to be able to display the song metadata for each song since these artists were nice enough to release their work to me.

    Thanks again!

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    You are talking of a Voice-Over-Function.
    AFAIK this is currently not implemented, but on the requested feature list.
    searcch the dev-forum for it.
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  • Thanks! I'll check that.