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  • Hi all
    Just made my new theme go live at http://www.jusnews.net/  

    I've basically started off with the New Custodian theme and replaced the CSS and classes with the Bootstrap ones. 

    It's a site that our MA Journalism students use for their newsdays.

    I'm still tweaking it, so expect some quirks! 

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    Hey, that's exciting. As I said in another thread: I started working on a bootstrap theme myself. But did not find enough time. Do you feel like submitting your work to Newscoop as a theme we ship with the code? It would mean eternal fame for you and the students :)
  • Hi
    Yes, I'd love to submit the theme for distribution! I expect tot be refining it over the next few weeks as the students start to use it so I can bundle something up then.

  • This is amazing, great news!
  • I just finished a site using Newscoop and a new theme based on Bootstrap (and Responsive). The site was made for a local Nepali Newspaper called Annapurna Post (and is totally in Nepali Language).

    Check the site at: http://www.annapurnapost.com

    The site uses a custom font and Macs have problem rendering it correctly. We're trying to fix it.
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