Booktype 1.5.4 released with bug-fixes, localizations and email Reports
  • Booktype 1.5.4 has been released with multiple bug-fixes, new localizations and improved Reports, a way to get data on writer and book activity. Reports can be sent automatically via email daily, weekly or monthly. They highlight things like peak times of activity, number of new users and the most active books.

    In addition to this, multiple bug fixes have improved editing, versions, groups and publishing. The release also coincides with a release of Objavi 2.5, the software that converts Booktype books from their native HTML into PDF for printing. It’s now more stable, quicker and less resource-intensive.
    Booktype’s interface has now also been localized into Spanish, Albanian and Russian, with more versions on the way in future releases.

    - Here’s all you need to know on how to install...
    - More on the release is here.

    Thanks to all the testers and support from everyone out there. Booktype development is now on a roll and we’re looking forward to following up with some exciting new features in the near future.

    Best wishes, Adam and the team
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  • February 21: There is an important security update for this release. Please see this post for details on upgrading.