• This might not be a question, anyway:
    I saw a screenshot of superdesk, today, showing this:

    I got a version of Superdesk from GitHub, and i got this:

    How can i get running (or where from can i download) the version from first print screen?

    Thank you
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  • Hey Nalyk,

    The first is a design mock-up of what Superdesk's media archive (or Integrated Asset Repository to give it its full name) will look like. It's only html prototyping.

    The second is from Live Desk, which is an App built on Superdesk technology.

    We're at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. Apps like Live Desk need separating out from base Superdesk plugins in GitHub - we'll be working on this very soon.

    So bear with us while we do a bit of spring cleaning and documentation. The interrelation between Superdesk and its various apps will be come clear very soon... :)
  • Thank you for information. Waiting for future releases.