End of life for Ubuntu Maverick and Natty packages
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    Hi all,

    Starting with the Airtime 2.3.0 release, Sourcefabric will no longer be
    offering .deb packages for Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) and Ubuntu Natty (11.04).

    This is because Canonical has an 18 month support window for desktop
    distributions, and no longer provides security updates for the packages
    in these distros (like SSH, Apache and PHP). In three months' time, we
    expect they will be ending support for Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10) too.

    So, if you have any Airtime servers running Maverick or Natty, please
    upgrade them to Ubuntu Precise LTS (12.04), so that these servers can
    enjoy security updates until April 2017. If you have a server running
    Oneiric, we recommend that you schedule an upgrade to Precise before
    April this year.

    Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS is unaffected by this announcement, since that is
    a server version and supported by Canonical until April 2015.


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  • Update & upgrade. I'm lovin it \:D/
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    a good thing :D