Newscoop 4.0.4 improves comments and dependency management
  • Hi Newscoopers,

    Newscoop 4.0.4 follows hot on the heels of the latest Newscoop upgrade to improve comment management for sites whose community contributes a large amount of comments. Flagged by Newscoop users Brasil 247 (55 million page views per month and counting!), we fixed this and a few other minor issues.

    There are Debian, Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise packages, which allow for an automated install and you can find out more about these on the download page and in the manual.

    If you didn’t upgrade to 4.0.3, that release had a vital security fix, so upgrade is strongly advised.

    Please see below for a changelog or check out the Latest Release page. Huge thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and posted to the forum with help, questions and ideas.

    Adam and the team


    Newscoop 4.0.4 changelog:

    • Improved comment management and performance with ‘Show more comments’
    • Improved 3rd party library management by using Composer
    • Removes handling of include_path from application.php
    • Removes unnecessary use of spl auto-loading from create_themes.php upgrade script
    • Various exciting maintenance tasks
    • Some missing strings in user management mainly have been added to the localizer.
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  • Oh, and, for those of you who want them, .debs are here:

    Daniel is uploading the .rpms, links to follow!