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  • New booktype user/admin here; trying to figure out why when I choose an image and save the profile info, it doesn't successfully display the image. Are there certain filetype or size requirements? Do certain directories need to be make writable? Etc?
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  • Hi,

    you have your own installation of Booktype or you created free instance on If you have your own installation then $BOOKTYPEPROJECT/data/profile_images/ directory must be writable by user who is running webserver. Also, PIL (Python Imaging Library) is used for postprocessing images. Maybe PIL does not have support for your image format or has problems reading it. 

  • If you install PIL using pip (in a virtual environment or so), it is always a good idea to instead install pillow, as it basically PIL with a wrapper around it that is much better at discovering libraries such as libjpeg than what PIL itself is. Be sure to look at the last 50 lines or so fo the output after compiling PIL/pillow, as it tells you exactly what it found and what not.