it's possible to import an epub book uploading a file?
  • Hello,
    I'm evaluating if booktype fits my needs, I'm wondering if it's possible to import a book from a local epub file, by uploading it. I can't find this on the demo site, nor on a local install

    is it possible?

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  • Hi Lluis,

    it is not possible at the moment. There are two components here, one is Booktype (for editing) and Objavi (for publishing and importing). Import is done on the Objavi service and not Booktype so because of the current architecture it is a bit problematic to import epub from local file. We are changing current architecture, how Booktype and Objavi communicates and then it would be possible to import from local files. 

    There is a possible quick fix where you could upload file to Booktype and then Objavi could fetch it from there but we have to see would it be better to do it the right way or invest time in this kind of quick fix.

  • Hello Aco,
    thanks for the info! I'll take a look to Objavi

  • Looking at the code, seems that epub imports are done by Objavi on espri.cgi, Booktype passes the URL and it transforms to booki, then Booktype does the rest of the import. To import booki files Objavi is not necessary, it's correct?
  • That is correct. For importing from other Booktype instances it goes directly to other Booktype server.