Interactive eBooks - what's possible these days?
  • I am doing some initial research
    into a project to replace a whole load of elearning materials,
    originally made in Flash. There will be a complete redesign, and we
    currently have the core material in PDF form.

    We are planning to try and make interactive eBooks that could be read
    on PC or mac, and crucially also on an iPad or Android tablet, etc.

    The wish-list of features:

    Attractive reading material, that can be read (and annotated) on a
    tablet computer. (There seems to be software for students to annotate
    PDFs and increasingly ePubs?)

    2. Basic interactivity, such as showing high definition versions of pictures on demand.

    3. Occasional video / audio content, triggered by certain optional actions.

    4. Possible quizzing questions.

    5. Preferably just one version of the material, if this is possible!

    would be very grateful if someone could confirm if BookType is likely
    to be suitable software for this, if it is indeed possible yet?

    Many thanks!!!

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  • hi

    it is sort of possible but not can do it but it involves
    doing a little work outside of what the platform can do now...

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