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Improvements for Airtime
  • We got a feedback from a Russian broadcaster with some ideas. They like Airtime and discuss migration their radiostation there. Maybe it would be useful for Airtime development. Thank you!

    3-layer construction for broadcasting:

    The 1st layer - "global Playlist" (unlimited playing time), with week duration and the possibility of cycling - is the main channel of streaming. For it does not even need a "calendar" - you can just create a playlist and set it to the status of "global" and run similar to the "Master Source". This "feature" is needed for those who are not engaged in retransmission.

    2nd layer (middle layer) - "program calendar" (current Airtime calendar) - to put extra radioshow or playlist to the "global playlist". Technically, the global playlist is on pause for the time of the “program calendar” playing. And the "global playlist" continue its work from the beginning of the next track.

    3d layer (the top layer)- " jingles calendar " with the possibility of loop playback! Short! Less the 1-min jingles at the specified time. They pause the "global playlist" and "program calendar" for a period of their sound.

    Access restriction: rights to edit the 1st and 3d layers have only an administrator and manager.

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    1st - Martin has talk about that here a little time ago, perhaps this feature come with the 2.4 version (6 months more or less...)

    3rd - I think this feature come with the last one, but another thing would be great too would be a clock playlist ;-)