Airtime 2.2.1 out today with streaming and Smart Block improvements
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks to your fantastic bug-zapping and improvement suggestions, Airtime 2.2.1 has been released with a number of fixes improving performance and stability.

    apt-get is all set so users who installed via that method will be upgraded automatically.

    As always these guides can be used to either install for the first time or to manually upgrade.

    Here are this release’s headlines...

    • Improved fades between webstreams
    • Fix webstreams disconnecting occasionally
    • Added 'and' and 'or' connectors between smart blocks
    • Preview webstreams in the Now Playing page improved for all browsers
    • airtime-import script now works for FLAC files
    • DJs can no longer delete files they don't own
    • Support added for 'x-scpls' webstream playlist types
    • media-monitor no longer requires a restart for initial import.

    Happy streaming! Let us know how you get on!

    Adam and the team
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    about floss documentation ( )

    you've forgot BroadCastMyself on android ;)
    with it you can do stream with your smartphone in icecast or shoutcast mode :D
  • Thanks Albert! I've been meaning to make a list of these...
  • Version with translations is scheduled for next week? Right?
  • That's great! :)

    However, sorry to bother, but Smart Blocks still don't work as I would expect!

    If I put in a Static block the sentence:
    as soon as I click Save or Generate, it becames
    Which are two totally different statements, from my humble point of view. And from Boole's too. ;)

    Francesco P.

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    Reply to @Adam+Thomas:
    another thing ;-)
    is not so important for a lot of us, but...
    you're talking about AAC support, that's a good feature for a lot of people, but no documentation about install it into the manual...

    I know, I'm a boring guy :-)
  • Whats the "Allow repeat tracks" feature on the smartblock?

    Dose this mean it wont play tracks that previously played if unmarked?
  • Hi guys,  apologies but I have a problem with 2.2.1

    Firstly, it hasn't fixed my problem (mentioned here: )

    But also, now if I listen to the stream through TuneIn, HTML5 or Flash (for example), I can hear the stream but the progress bar in Airtime is *behind* what is going out on air.  I have also just heard some silence between two music tracks, presumably as Airtime tries to get its timing right.

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    good news! thx for your hard work!

    if we would be able to schedule events exact to the second instead of minute,
    we would not need any 2nd automation system in the background of airtime for rebroadcasting BBCWS.

    are there any plans for implementing this in near future? requested here =>
    would love to have airtime as THE ONLY AUTOMATION SYSTEM in our playout system.

    cheers, hoerich
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  • Dear team

    I have installed Airtime via apt-get install airtime, when trying to upgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 via apt-get it says that airtime is up to date.

    is the package on apt-get updated to the last version?
    I have ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade

    maybe there is a delay in apt?

    running ubuntu 12.10


    EDIT 2:
    nevermind I figured it out, my airtime installation is updated!
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  • I had to bail on 2.2.1 (returned to 2.2.0) It all went fine until I put in my mods in ls_script.liq. First i copied my hacked 2.2.0 ls_script, replacing original 2.2.1. Status on the web page all green but the shoutcast server could not be found. So I re-installed and then manually added the updates to ls_script. Exactly the same problem. Because I only had 30 minutes to upgrade the live station, I had to revert to 2.2.0. Same process install and copied a backup of the hacked ls_script and ba-da-bing streaming starts up.
    The plan now is to build a second server and see if we can replicate the issue. For now we are sticking with 2.2.0
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  • similar issues here.....

    station was beeming on 2.1.3. upgrade to 2.2.1 and there are stream drop out even silence for seconds. Live Dj are being dropped and the main stream reconnects. I should have backedup my 2.1.3 but ive had yet to have any issue with the updates until now.

    Anyone else expereicning issues with stream and live connects with this version?>?>