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Broadcasting automation
  • Hi Airtime-dev-team. Again the question from the Russian forum. :)

    Can it be implemenable?
    Playlist is automatically generated, it's enable to add your songs there.

    As I can see it's 2 calenders:
    1st - for music (automatically generated)
    2nd - schedule for advertising + jingles (manually specify the time and date of jingle or automatically in 3-4 songs)

    Why I created this topic? Because it is not easy somtimes to make playlist every day. Can it put to the Bug Tracker?
    Thank you for the reply!
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    Hi Marina,

    you can do that now ;-)
    you have only to modify ls_script.liq ( a lot of examples are on this forum from me, Guytrance and others peoples..)

    That will be a feature implemented in future version of Airtime, perhaps on 2.3 or 2.4...
  • Thanks for the reply!! :)