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AirTime 2.2 -- Random silence
  • Our issue is similar to this post -- http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/14790/airtime-2.0.2-no-sound -- with the exception that we are using the latest version of AirTime.  

    The stream works fine for almost 24-hours and then we hear silence even while there is scheduled content playing in AirTime.  We have to restart the stream in "stream settings" for the silence to stop.  I've attached the logs, which are now 2 MB, in this post.  I'd appreciate any feedback on this issue.

    By the way, the silence that I'm referring to occurred today around 8:30am CST.  I hope this helps in finding the issue in the logs.
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  • Exact same thing here
  • Vote Up0Vote Down Albert FRAlbert FR
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    I had this problem on one server too (but not on all)
    with a ls_script modified
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    I still suffer from this issue and I am currently using the latest version of Airtime 2.3.1 and just like clockwork maybe 1 or 2 times everyday around the same time my audio will disappear. I can see songs playing in the schedule and at times it will do this during a live connected source. I don't understand it with earlier versions of Airtime this was not an issue as i upgraded along with newer versions of Airtime this problem began. I noticed this issue began, counting the latest upgrade about 3 updates ago.
  • Hi Micah,

    We are still looking into this issue, however are at a dead-end at the moment. One of our users mentioned that connecting to the master source and then disconnecting will restart the stream. Can you verify if you experience the same behaviour?
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