Hacking Airtime at #mozfest
  • Hi all,

    There are a few of us in London at Mozilla Festival working on some interesting ideas on using Airtime at the heart of a community radio for the Our Block project. Here's the details about what we'll be up to.

    Even if you can't make it to the festival, you can still help out.

    Using web, audio and service APIs along with Airtime, MozFest participants will help define and hack new features to build a platform that focuses on real time continuous listening, a shared participatory audience experience and social community building.

    You can help by providing examples, code or blueprints for ways we can do this. Here are some of the things we're thinking about...

    - Using Twilio or other VOIP and SMS services to allow messages to be recorded via phone and appear in the Airtime library
    - Using SoundCloud to pull cloud-hosted files into Airtime
    - HTML5 browser recording of voice messages that appear in the archive
    - Using Smart Blocks to programme user-generated content on-the-fly
    - Improving the javascript embed to provide more interactivity for radio station audiences

    Does anyone have real-life examples of this type of thing in action? Any input or ideas, big or small, will really help!

    Thanks, Adam
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    since "broadcastmyself" on android is available I'm using it to do live interview, and that's working great ;-)
    but a voip conference solution would be great