How to export/view an HTML version of my book quickly?
  • Hi folks,

    I'm just getting started with Booktype Pro (the free hosted account for the moment) and I'm starting to play with custom CSS. The only problem is that the only place I can see to enter it is for the existing Publish types, which are all PDF (Book, Lulu, Screen), EPUB/Mobi, or .odt. What I'm not seeing is a way to preview my book quickly in HTML. The FAQ and the manual claim that HTML export is available, but I can't see where.

    The closest is the View Draft, but that's (a) almost entirely unreadable due to the draft watermark behind the text and (b) not accessible for CSS styling that I can see.

    My goal is to be able to preview a chapter or the entire book in a new tab of the Web browser so I can see if custom styling has been applied appropriately.

    Any idea what I'm missing?

    cheers... -Adam
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  • Hi Adam,

    There is a Draft View with draft image in the background but there is also normal view of the book. For instance, if link to draft version of the site would be then the link to normal html version would be

  • Perfect, thanks, Aleksandar! Now I just need to figure out how to tweak the CSS for that HTML view.

    cheers... -Adam