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  • As a system admin for our online journal on Newscoop,  I changed our password and changed the user-account name as well. The system accepted my password, but when  I then tried to log in, it wasn't possible. I used your postal service Forgot your password? But never got a reply. Could anyone help please? I should release our journal online hopefully in two weeks and it doesn't seem to be possible as I can't even use my account anymore.
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  • Dear Minna,

    Is there any other admin user that could reset your
    credentials via the admin interface? If not, then you need to work
    directly with the database and update the data for your user account.

    UPDATE liveuser_users SET Password = SHA1('<mynewpassword>') WHERE UName = '<myuser>';

    After running that query in your MySQL server your should be able to access the site again.

    "Forgot your password?" option requires a working mail server, if not
    present then that is the reason why it did not work out.

    Let us know if that makes the trick.

    The Website is looking good, btw.

    All Best,
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    An off-topic thing, regarding the map display, as e.g. at

    You can set Finnish labels there, and generally adjust it via templates, see


  • Hello. New to newscoop and have same 'forgot password' ... 'send email' problem.
    1. Have root and user passwords for system: openSUSE 12.2 (localhost).
    2. Have mysql db root / newscoop db password.
    3. Have Newscoop forum (Sourcefabric) password...
    3. Installed Newscoop 4.0.1 and created password...forgot password...#$#!!  That's (count 'em ) 7 passwords, and I have not even written an article yet;  whheewww!! 4. Do not understand how to follow above advice:  "... you need to work
    directly with the database and update the data for your user account:

    UPDATE liveuser_users SET Password = SHA1('') WHERE UName = '';

    Have *absolutely no idea* what the above means; I am *not* a programmer/coder. I'm looking (for past 5 years) for some software that allows to write/read/publish in my native language, and that's it. Each time, reading the marketing/promotion stuff I'm told "you don't need to program...", but I fiind that seems the only journalist allowed nowadays are the ones who are willing also to become computer programmers. AAArrfgggh!! I really need a system that simply allows me to "buy a blank notebook" so-to-speak, and then start writing content. Oh well...
    Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!!

    Any help (before I quit again...) is greatly appreciated
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    Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!
  • access mysql via your hosting interface which should usually grant access to edit the database and run the query.

    when running the query, replace the area in parentheis () for username and password accordingly.