Airtime 2.2 with smart playlists and improved stream rebroadcast
  • The moment you’ve been waiting for. Airtime 2.2 is out now with possibly the most requested community feature ever, Smart Playlists.

    The repo is loaded, so apt-get users will be upgraded automatically.

    For those installing for the first time or manually upgrading, you’ll want to head here.

    Let’s remind ourselves of this release's headlines...

    • Smart Playlists. Simply enter parameters (like genre or last played) and Airtime will populate that block randomly according to your conditions.
    • Better webstream rebroadcasts. Configure remote live input streams from DJ programs such as Mixxx or IDJC, or smartphone applications used by broadcast journalists. 
    • MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC and AAC support, plus ReplayGain to normalize volume output.
    • Huge performance increase on library import, plus better search.
    • User ownership of files. Find your tracks easily and quickly.
    • Rescan watched folders button (useful for network drives where keeping in sync is more difficult).
    • Stereo/mono streams.

    Check out Josh’s screencast for a tour of what’s new.

    Thanks to the whole Airtime team for an amazing release, and to you the community for your support, patience, testing and feedback.

    Happy broadcasting! Let us know how you’re finding the new features.
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  • That's great! And with AND and OR options in Smart Blocks! :D


    I'm going to upgrade my 2.1.3 installations, should I take care of something in particular, besides usual backups?

    Francesco P.

  • Reply to @FrancescoP:

    Your database and config files are backed up automatically by the upgrade script. Having said that, there shouldn't be any problems :)
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  • Hi FrancescoP,

    We weren't able to include AND OR options for smart blocks.
    We will probably do it in post 2.2 release( 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 hopefully).

    Thank you.
  • Martin, thanks for confirming it! :)

    James, I was too excited, I got confused with the buttons! :D I have to wait a little more... ;)

    Francesco P.

  • Nice Work,
    we evaluate this upgrade to.

    It is possible to hide "Advanced Search Option" by default or if empty
    - How can I change this?

    use an external file system (NFS
    ) for
    Media Folders. The upload and rename works fine,  but php rename() returns an error, so we every time get an error message.

    2012-10-27T16:57:03+02:00 INFO (6): [StoredFile.php : uploadFile() : line 811] - /usr/share/airtime/application/models/StoredFile.php:uploadFile(): filename=p17ahbjahp1d4fpeigk71nca1ldl4.mp3 to /tmp/plupload
    2012-10-27T16:57:03+02:00 INFO (6): [StoredFile.php : copyFileToStor() : line 904] - copyFileToStor: moving file /tmp/plupload/p17ahbjahp1d4fpeigk71nca1ldl4.mp3
    2012-10-27T16:57:05+02:00 INFO (6): [StoredFile.php : copyFileToStor() : line 956] - Successfully written identification file for
    uploaded '/media/airtime/test/organize/Kalimba.mp3'
    2012-10-27T16:57:05+02:00 INFO (6): [StoredFile.php : copyFileToStor() : line 958] - copyFileToStor: moving file /tmp/plupload/p17ahbjahp1d4fpeigk71nca1ldl4.mp3 to /media/airtime/test/organize/Kalimba.mp3


  • Reply to @bitdevil:


    sudo -u www-data touch /media/airtime/test/organize/test_file

    If this fails, it means that the Apache server (user www-data) which is responsible for moving the file to your NFS drive cannot because user "www-data" doesn't have permissions there.
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    The AND and OR features are there, it's just that they aren't labelled,
    so you need to read the manual or figure it out by accident :-)

    See 'Creating a smart block' here:

    Ticket opened for the labels at:
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  • Hi Daniel,

    try to generate a smart block that includes all "genre contains rock" AND "genre does not contains punk". As soon as you save, the two AND statements will be merged in an OR statement with the common denominator of "genre". Which means everything.

    I already suggested to disable this "optimization" strategy, but maybe I can not explain clearly what I mean! :)

    Francesco P.

  • Reply to @Martin+Konecny:
    @AirtimeTest:~# sudo -u www-data touch /media/airtime/test/organize/test_file
    @AirtimeTest:~# ls -lisa /media/airtime/test/organize/test_file
    4194306 0 -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nogroup 0 Okt 31 23:51 /media/airtime/test/organize/test_file

    @FileServer:~# cat /etc/exports
    @AirtimeTest:~# cat /etc/fstab
    ... /media/airtime nfs rw 0 0
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    Hi the team !
    this morning an update is available
    can you explain to us the changelog please ?
  • Reply to @bitdevil:

    That looks fine, and is defn not the problem then. Are you still having this issue? 
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  • Reply to @Albert+FR:

    'flac' packages were not listed as a dependency for debian package and therefore some users weren't getting their flac files Replaygain analyzed. Adding this dependency was the only change :)
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    arrrh ok :-)

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    concerning smart playlisting:

    if I want to add only tracks to a smartblock, that haven't been played in the last 4 days.
    I'm used to do this in foobar2000 with a command like
    (%path% HAS "\Tagesplaylist\") AND (%genre% IS Electronic OR %genre% IS Dance) AND (NOT %last_played% DURING LAST 4 DAYS) AND NOT (%mood% IS Explicit OR %mood% IS Hard)

    in Airtime I cannot use a variable (like 4 days / 4 weeks) in the "LAST PLAYED TAG",
    I have to use a fixated data like "2012-11-01".

    so, setting up a smartblock containing only tracks not played in the last 7 days is not possible with airtime.
    it's just possible to create a smartblock containing only tracks not played since 2012-11-01.
    this restriction forces me to create a new smart block everytime I want to use this function.

    please change this for future version, imo this function ain't useful if the variable is calendar date.

    nice greetz

    PS: will create dev-ticket too
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  • Reply to @Martin+Konecny:

    Hi Martin,
    this is a old bug in php rename function (across filesystems).  ...still in PHP v5.3.10

    It works fine,  but each time php rename() returns an error, so i have to disable your check-up.
  • What I miss, are some user rights I can set. I want to have DJs, who are also program manager and who can set their broadcasts for themselfs.

    When you implement the automated music stream I would like to see a mode for some shows, which have a dynamic end for streaming through IDJC or MIXXX. When the host stop streaming through the IDJC, record stops and the listeners hear music from a music pool.
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    +1 for adaptive user rights.
    as a program manager and radio dj i have to setup two accounts for me...
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