Editing ID3Tags & Set Expiration Date
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    heyho, after presenting Artime 2.2 RC1 to our Radio-Team, I got a few questions with me.

    1. a possibility to edit existing tags in the library would be very nice. maybe combined with a waveform track preview like here => http://dev.sourcefabric.org/browse/CC-2301

    2. the possibility to set an expiration date to files. meaning that it will be deleted (or marked as inactive) from the database and maybe physically moved into another subfolder in \stor on a specific date or after X times played. the peak would be also to set files as active from a specific date on.
    similar to the "Publish Schedule"-function for newscoop-issues. this could also be combined with the already requested waveform track preview.
    to illustrate...
    we produce event-tipps, which are played from ten days before the event occurs. so we preproduce sometimes for months and can drop files in a folder from where they are imported ten days before they event. and they are automoved to an archive-folder after expiring.

    I don't know if we are the only ones doing things like this, but it would be nice to see such things in future.
    without this functionality i have to use 3rdparty-apps on a windows-pc named foobar2000, belvedere & delage32 to do this.

    just the first two questions of a lot to follow ;-)
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  • Yeah

    And an Idea of how could be done the interface of the future "In a Dream Live Mixing Console for Airtime" : http://wheelsofsteel.net/ 
  • this feature of seting an expiration date to files uploaded would be great! at our radio station we are often adding shows to be played only once or twice and don't want them to accidentaly become a part of some playlist in the future.
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  • For the expiration date, it wouldn't be difficult to write a cron job that runs a script that deletes files with a date inserted within the id3 tags.
  • Please check this discussion for jingles with expiration date: https://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/17312/jingle-with-expiration-date