• Well the up and downs are gone and ironed out. We are glad about the that. But the trials and tribulations are far from gone. But that is the issue with everything that anyone does... At least we are very pleased with Airtime, put simply very easy to use, setup and get moving, broadcasting.. 

    Our OS and Software configuration / compilation goes as follows:

    1. Ubuntu Server 12.04.1
    2. Concrete 5
    3. Airtime 2.1.3
    4. Jquery Jplayer
    5. Icecast2
    6. Shoutcast

    Data connection via Verizon FIOS.

    We serve New York City, the U.S. and [hopefully] the world with EDM (electronic dance music) from some of the best underground DJ's worldwide. Come on by and visit our site.

    Thanks to SOURCEFABRIC for a killer framework.

    Thanks to all in advance,
    Desmond CRNYC - CTO,VP