Using option Shoutcast?
  • When using the Service Type option = Icecaste
    Connected to the streaming server

    When I change the Service Type option = Shoutcast
    Can not connect to the streaming server
    Could not write data to host: Connection refused in write ()

    How do I use Shoutcast?
    Should I do some more additional installation?
    Should I change any file?

    What should I do to run the option shoutcast?

    The manual says nothing about it!!
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    yes shoutcast is a different application
    you can find it here :

    and it is not open source
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  • Shoutcast will not work with butt and many other encoders there is a work around using Icecast aliases then send the mount to pipe to a shoutcast server.

    I cannot get virtual dj to work.
    hope someone is using it
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