Examples needed for THIS_BOOKI_SERVER and BOOKI_URL
  • I'm getting 404 not found errors when I publish a book in any format. Based on related forum discussions, I'd guess that I do not have THIS_BOOKI_SERVER and BOOKI_URL set properly in settings.py. I installed Booktype on my local workstation. It has no public access via Internet. Can someone please provide examples of the values I should use for THIS_BOOKI_SERVER and BOOKI_URL?
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  • You need to use existing Objavi server [service used for publishing books] or install it on your own machine. In both cases Objavi is trying to fetch content of the book over http. That is why Objavi must have access to your Booktype server on your local workstation. This is not very handy and that is why we are working on new feature where this will not be necessary.

    If you can manage to get public access to yout workstation this is what you should do:

      THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = ""              # ip of your server
      THIS_BOOKI_SERVER = "myserver.binarni.net"   # hostname
  • Thanks very much. Public access to my workstation is not an option. I'll need to think some about installing Apache and Objavi locally.

    I appreciate your reply.