Airtime 2.2 RC1 now available
  • Two weeks after 2.2 Beta1 we are ready to announce the first Release Candidate.

    The UI is now complete, and many bugs since the beta have been fixed.

    To reiterate, here is the the feature list of 2.2:
    • Smart Playlists
    • Webstream rebroadcasts
    • Replaygain support
    • FLAC + WAV support (AAC if you compile your own Liquidsoap)
    • Huge performance increase on library import
    • User ownership of files
    • Stereo/mono streams
    • Rescan watched folders button (useful for network drives where keeping in sync is more difficult)

    Installation instructions 

    (Please read carefully):

    We have new versions of Liquidsoap compiled for AAC + FLAC support, however until 2.2 final is released, you will need to download these Liquidsoap packages manually.

    Please visit

    and download and install the appropriate Liquidsoap Debian package for your distribution.

    You may then download and install the Airtime Debian package available here:

    As always, post any issues in this thread.
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    crossfade now working ?
  • really nice improvements

    I have noticed the following bugs
    • cross-fading does not work
    • fading default value is set to 500ms
    • library listing does not fit (many scrollbars)
    • "ON AIR" indicator fails on Scheduled Play
    • MediaUpload Fails if Import Folder set to NFS mounted Folder -> phpFunc rename() works but returns an error
  • Library listing stuck on "Processing" when choosing "All" files show up
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  • Guytrance... I noticed this too in the nightlies. If you change the view from all this goes away.

    Devs... more info...

     - If "all" or "web streams" type is selected and there are no web streams defined in the settings, "Processing" is displayed in the library instead of available tracks, playlists, smart blocks, etc.

    A workaround is to manually select any file type other than "all" or "web streams."

    Todd Fisher Wallin, Operations Coordinator - WDRT-FM Viroqua, WI
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    Reply to @Guytrance:
    if you try an update from airtime 2.1.3,
    thats normal

    try this :

    apt-get --purge remove airtime

    dpkg -i airtime-2.2.x...deb

  • That's interesting Albert... I did a fresh install on a virgin debian VM due to the rabitmq update issue that I reported in the beta thread. I installed one of the nightlies and it gets updated every night when available, via a script that runs on a cron job. So the only updates are from nightly to nightly...

    Todd Fisher Wallin, Operations Coordinator - WDRT-FM Viroqua, WI
  • Hi Todd.

    I'm assuming you kept the same database between nightlies? If so, the problem with this is the database schema we use can change, which will break your installation. If you are using the nightlies, we recommend you do a fresh install every time.
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  • Hi all!

    I'm playing with the smart blocks, and I think that when using
    multiple modifiers for the same criteria, there should be an option to
    specify if the modifiers are to be processed as an OR (which it now
    does) or as an AND.

    E.g.: I want to select all the music that have Genre contains Rock, but then exclude everything Punk Rock with Genre does not contains Punk. I'm not able to do that!

    I think that a quick'n'easy and alternative way to get this
    behaviour, could be to avoid the automatic grouping of different rules
    that regards the same criteria as a single one with multiple modifier,
    but instead to leave them as separated rules.

    Hope I made myself clear enough! ;)

    Francesco P.

    P.S. Great job! :)

    P.P.S. An interesting thing would be the possibility to associate a smart block to an external playlist generator program...

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  • Oops, it seems that a static smart block never generate the block content, even if it reports that there are many files matching the filter!

    Francesco P.

  • Hi Francesco,

    You raise a good point regarding the smart blocks and not being able to have an AND relationship between same criteria. This is something we are aware of and will consider it as we develop smart blocks further.

  • Francesco,

    I forgot to address your empty static smart block. Was this block previously dynamic? If you switch the block from dynamic to static (or vice versa) you need to click Save. The Generate button will not change the state of the block as either static or dynamic; it simply generates the content.
  • Denise,

    I did not realized that there is a Generate button! On a small screen (well, 19" wide, 1440px wide), the second box in the Library section appears with an horizzontal scrollbar, but I missed it! :)

    About AND operator, I'll wait hopefully. ;)
  • The Generate and Shuffle buttons will be more visible in the official release.
  • Great to see such rapid development!
    Is there an upgrade path from 2.1.3 or I should first remove my current (2.1.3) Airtime and then install RC ?
    Do you have an ETA for official release?
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    when I try to edit a crossfade-value between two tracks (fade-in fade-out time) in a playlist,
    i get the error message "Something went wrong", and the edit-window closes.
    besides that, very stable atm. thumb up
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  • @Charos, If you use upgrade from the latest 2.2.x branch, it should work. Official release will be within 2 weeks latest.(hopefully next week).

    @hoerich, I think we addressed that issue in our latest 2.2.x branch.

    Thank you.
  • Just wondering if will be update or is it a dead site?  Would be interesting to know the roadmap and what is being put into future versions.