Mount Points Unavailable
  • Good Afternoon All

    We recently upgraded to 2.1.3 and are experiencing monitored folder issues

    Getting the dreaded exclamation triangle on a couple of the monitored folders we added

    Removed and re-added the folders and no difference

    While adding them we are able to drill down to the mount points and view the files in the selected folders but after adding the folder, the error pops up

    Any suggestions?
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  • Check the permissions on these folders..
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  • We are able to read/write to the mounted drives from the local machine

    What's odd is we watching 2 mount points

    One works and the other doesn't

    All was working before the update
  • Please try this command. It will restore all files on the network drive that are thought to be offline

    sudo -u postgres psql airtime -c "UPDATE cc_files set file_exists = 't'"
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  • Thanks Martin!