Problems installing Booktype 1.5.3
  • I downloaded Booktype 1.5.3 and attempted to install it, following the instructions in INSTALL.TXT. Here are my notes on what happened.

    1. Creation of var/www/mybooktype had to be done manually.

    2. The command is not put on the path. Made symlink to directory on path.

    Points to


    which points to


    Command still not found. Change command to

    . ./ syncdb --noinput

    within the directory where the symlink is found.

    and the like.

    3. Need to run commands as user www-data. What is the password? Can change with passwd command as superuser. Workaround:

    sudo su -   #become superuser
    su - www-data #become www-data without having to give password.
    echo $PATH

    4. $ . ./ syncdb --noinput
    from: can't read /var/mail/django.core
    -su: 5: ./ Syntax error: Bad function name

    There is no /var/mail/django.core

    At this point, I am stuck. Any suggestions?

    How do I determine which function name is in error? What is supposed to happen, and how do I get it to happen?

    Any chance of getting Booktype packaged with correct dependencies and installation scripts? Can I help with the documentation?
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