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Problems installing Booktype 1.5.3
  • I downloaded Booktype 1.5.3 and attempted to install it, following the instructions in INSTALL.TXT. Here are my notes on what happened.

    1. Creation of var/www/mybooktype had to be done manually.

    2. The command django-admin.py is not put on the path. Made symlink to directory on path.

    Points to


    which points to


    Command still not found. Change command to

    . ./django-admin.py syncdb --noinput

    within the directory where the symlink is found.

    and the like.

    3. Need to run commands as user www-data. What is the password? Can change with passwd command as superuser. Workaround:

    sudo su -   #become superuser
    su - www-data #become www-data without having to give password.
    echo $PATH

    4. $ . ./django-admin.py syncdb --noinput
    from: can't read /var/mail/django.core
    -su: 5: ./django-admin.py: Syntax error: Bad function name

    There is no /var/mail/django.core

    At this point, I am stuck. Any suggestions?

    How do I determine which function name is in error? What is supposed to happen, and how do I get it to happen?

    Any chance of getting Booktype packaged with correct dependencies and installation scripts? Can I help with the documentation?
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