Newscoop 4.0.2 update improves articles and comments
  • Newscoop 4.0.2 is a bugfix release that, amongst other things, ensures Newscoop now works correctly with PHP 5.4 and improves the usability of the new comments and related article features.

    Here are all the improvements in full...

    • Newscoop now works correctly with PHP 5.4.
    • Hidden filter in comments management now only displays hidden comments.
    • Comments are no longer approved by default, even though moderation is enabled.
    • Related articles are now copied from original article with the action 'duplicate'.
    • Related articles for a translated article no longer have title 'null'
    • Improved how Save button works on Article Edit page
    • Edit Article page auto-fills the Author field with the Author's name rather than login name
    • Search->Filtering improved to work with issues/articles different t han default language
    • Adding an image to the media archive now doesn't throw an exif error
    • HTML characters are rendered properly in the navigation menu
    • Un-escaped strings in theme manager
    • After adding a new subscription, one can now add an IP address restriction
    • Now possible to add "daterange" event with start time set to "00:00" on multi-date fields
    • Newscoop now allows setting http response code from template

    Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback, fixes, support and help. You are all stars. Happy publishing!

    Best, Adam and the Newscoop team

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  • Just spotted and corrected the typo in the title of this post. Of course the release is Newscoop 4.0.2... ;)

    Apologies for any confusion!