Maximum amount of users?
  • Hi,

    Has anybody tested how many simultaneous editors Booktype can handle? 

    I am expecting 15+ people to edit a single book at the same time. 

    Probably it depends on the server you are using. But has anybody tried something like this?  
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  • This depends heavily of your server and network (if these people are for instance in the same room) configuration. Hard to say :)
  • I wonder if there is a realistic way to simulate this. Is it enough if I open it 20 times in different browser tabs? :)
  • Kind of.... Problem is if you are doing it from the same browser, but in general if you have 20 different tabs on _edit interface (can be the same user) it would be ok. Even with 15+ people not everyone will be clicking save button at the same time, so try going through tabs and editing chapters, clicking save, changing TOC, sending chat messages... If you do that you would get some general feeling how it might behave.
  • We had approximately 20 users at the same time and there was no problem. So it seems like it can handle more users at least on our server.