Change default Artist field in recorded shows
  • I would like to change the artist field in the recorded shows from "Airtime Show Recorder" to "NTS Radio" in airtime 2.0.3. I tried editing /usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/ and changing line 138 from:

                artist = api_client.encode_to("Airtime Show Recorder",'utf-8')


                artist = api_client.encode_to("NTS Radio",'utf-8')

    but this resulted in files being imported to the following directory without a proper date and they were not auto-soundclouded:

    /srv/airtime/stor/imported/NTS Radio/unknown/5049-22-00-00-Dumbfoundsound-192kbps.mp3

    Is there another way of doing this?


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    Hey James, what you did is correct so far, but you also have to change it in this file


    the line should look like this

    if(md['MDATA_KEY_CREATOR'] == u"Airtime Show Recorder"):

    (not sure which version you're using.)
  • Naomi's suggested change should fix the problem :). We need to make this more elegant in the future. Ticket created here:

    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • Aha, I thought there might be another field to change in another file somewhere for when the file is imported :)

    Thanks guys!