can you intergrate spotify into airtime
  • hi guys i love this software and use it as a family radio station and drop in our fav podcast's at certain times of the day that work for me and my family. But we use our cd collection as music during the non podcast times.

    I would like to add our spotify playlists to it! is this possible?
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  • Hi, for this problem, I think you need to convert Spotify OGG files to MP3 format with AudFree Spotify Music Converter, which can help you batch convert your Spotify playlists to MP3 losslessly, and then you can add them into airtime or listen to them on common devices.
  • In this case, what you need to do is to remove DRM protection from Spotify, download Spotify playlist to MP3 to your computer, then burn MP3 playlist to CD, It's easy now, copy Spotify playlist link to Eelphone Spotify Music Converter, from where you can load what you need in Spotify, and then choose the output format and output music quality and also the save path. Burn to CD from the save path.
  • if music discovery is your goal then the musconv is top notch. Based on songs or artists you either upload from your Google music  playlists or add as favorites on the site, musconv will recommend similar songs, albums, and artists that you can add or exile as you go.

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    Hello, as for the problem you met, I knew that maybe this software could solve your problem. I think you need a Spotify Music Converter for Windows, it can help you convert Spotify music into MP3 and then you can stream the music files on your airtime or other devices. You could go to google DRmare for more details.
  • This is because that all music or playlist from Spotify are protected by DRM protection. If you want to successfully move all your Spotify music to other place, you should remove all DRM protection at first. So you need a Spotify music converter to complete the thing. There are both Spotify music converter for wins and Spotify music converter for mac for you to choose from.