Airtime 2.1 with Ubuntu Maverick - problems, problems
  • Well, first of all, I used to have Airtime 2.0.2 in the very same server without problems - but, with apt-get upgrade came some issues witch at this point prevent me from using Airtime at all.

    On install I got failure due /etc/php5/conf.d/airtime.ini already existing - okay, this was very simple to get around, but on next attempt install completely freezes on liquidsoap configuration generation. I'm starting to suspect that python version might be an issue here, but I would like to have some confirmations...

    After unsuccessfull install I had to run dpkg --configure -a to get things back into somewhat orderly state. But again, uninstall stucks and won't complete. For some reason I cannot determine the cause, might have something to do with my password-protected ssl certs and apache not getting restarted?

    Please do advice.
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  • If you run

    sudo apt-get remove airtime

    from the command-line, what is the output?
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  • It stucks at "Waiting processes to complete" stage, mainly on restarting apache since my install asks for passphrase for ssl cert.
  • Here is a last part of output:

    * API Client
     * Removing API Client files
    * Pypo
     * Removing Pypo Log Rotate Script
     * Removing Pypo init.d Script
     * Removing Pypo Program Directory
     * Removing Pypo Log Directories
     * Removing Pypo Monit Files
    * Media-Monitor
     * Removing Media-Monitor init.d Script
     * Removing Media-Monitor Program Directory
     * Removing Media-Monitor Log Directory
     * Removing Media-Monitor Monit Files
    Waiting for processes to close...

    ****************************** Uninstall Complete *******************************

    NOTE: To fully remove all Airtime files, you will also have to manually delete
          the directories '/srv/airtime'(default storage location of media files)
          and '/etc/airtime'(where the config files are stored).

  • Ahh.. figured out what was the problem - it was my rather complicated apache configuration after all - when I got that sorted out, all other parts started to work properly - it feels good to be back on the air :-D

  • Glad to hear it :)
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