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  • Hello all,

    how could a search form being created which searches not in the whole publication but only the current issue?

    Best regards, and thanks for a link,

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  • hi thomas,

    should work with search_level=1 param, more info in wiki -

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    Hi Thomas,

    To answer the edited question, the wiki says search_level=2 for the current issue only.


  • How can I do this, having this:

                    <div id="search-box-in-issue">
                        {{ search_form template="search.tpl" submit_button="search" }}
                        {{ camp_edit object="search" attribute="keywords" html_code="placeholder=\"suche in $gimme->issue->name\"" }}
                        {{ /search_form }}
                    </div><!-- /#search-box -->

    Where is search_level=2 to be placed?