Airtime 2.1.0 RC1
  • Airtime 2.1.0 has finally hit RC status!

    Tar ball available here:

    Debian package available here:

    Thanks for the patience. If you have any problems please report back, we will be monitoring the forums closely for any problems.
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  • This appears to be the most stable release so far. I've had no major problems with four installations. A few quirks do appear in the minimal install. When I leave the media folders set to the defaults (/srv/airtime/stor/) the installer preserves the database. However, when the media is in a non-standard location - I have two - the installer wipes the Airtime database and I have to change the media folder location manually in the web interface. This has the unfortunate consequence of wiping out my playlists.

    I had no problems with the full install on either Ubuntu 12.04 or 10.04 server - everything behaved as expected. I was very happy to discover that the add media process is about 4x faster than before - good work, team! I can now import about 350GB across the network in less than two hours. Support for network storage devices is very good and I have moved most of my media onto NAS.

    I haven't checked recording or live functions yet, but I do not expect significant changes between Beta 6 and RC 1.

    Take a look at the attached screen shot from my 10.04 server installation. Notice that the font sizes are much larger than those used by 12.04 and this causes some of the menus to overlap on a 1024x768 desktop (notice HELP/admin|Logout).
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  • I tried updating from beta4 by using a diff tool and changing the db schema to equal the state for each update in between. All seemed to work well except the system clock and prev/current/next all seem to be blank
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    wow nice work....
  • @Morgan+McMurry,

    There will probably be something in the JavaScript logs of your browser (press ctrl-shift-j in Chrome), to help you figure out what's wrong with your database :) 


    Thanks for the bug report, we'll fix this in 2.1.1
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  • getting a 500 on Schedule/get-current-playlist/format/json. Also important to note im on nginx

  • The contents of /var/log/airtime/zendphp.log should help further.
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  • nothing in the zend log but my error log says the the class Application_Common_DateHelper is not found in ApiController.php Thing is it is there in the application folder

  • Hmm. That is probably a problem with mixing beta4 and RC (there is no proper upgrade script between these). Try removing file /usr/share/airtime/applications/models/DateHelper.php
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  • arghhhhhh it persists not matter whati can uninstall and reinstalll and it still happens but if i upload the db to my test machine with a fresh system install of airtime it works fine

  • When you uninstall is the /usr/share/airtime directory removed?
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  • yes i would manually remove it also. im going to try the new rc. Do you guys still do paid support?
  • Hi Morgan,

    Yes, Sourcefabric does paid support! Feel free to write me directly at douglas (dot) arellanes (at) sourcefabric (dot) org.
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