UTF vs ISO postgresql solved / Debian Squeeze
  • Hello,

    just to share my experience, I hope it can help, it's only my 2 cents not an "universal truth"  :-)

    Locales and Postgresql :
    I had to run "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and uncheck all "iso-8..."locales  BEFORE installing postgresql
    since Postgresql only create Db in ISO encoding an not UTF when ISO locales are also selected (it was the case on my machine..)
    I keep only UTF-8
    (Its seems difficult to change DB encoding after install because you have to create an UTF8 cluster and move your previously ISO encoded DB" in it.)

    Even if I "apt-get purge remove purge postgresql"... and reinstall it on UTF locales system, the airtime install goes wrong (???)

    This must be made on fresh install (again it's my own experience , not the "holy truth") 

    apt-get vs aptitude :
    When using aptitude postgresql 9.1 and 8.4 were proposed
    I've experienced few trouble with that, because of dependecies unsatisfied...

    My advice : use apt-get (8.4 only is proposed )

    Rabbitmq-server :

    When installing Rabbitmq with airtime, the install failed during rabbit start (as i remember)

    My advice: install Rabbitmq BEFORE Airtime

    Debian Squeeze
    I3 2x3.4 core / 16Go ram / 1To (raid soft)
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  • Hi Fred, thanks for the informative post. In Airtime 2.1 we put a restriction to allow Airtime to only install on UTF-8 databases (upgrades won't be affected).

    This will definitely help others who try to do a fresh Airtime install on a non-UTF-8 database :)
    Airtime Pro Hosting: http://airtime.pro