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  • Good Afternoon:

    I know the guys are working on the dev version to resolve some serious issues that were found

    I installed the latest dev version just now and the import issues (at least so far) seem to be working at least there is some signs of it working

    I created a playlist and scheduled a show.

    The show would not go on air where as it did in the past (Beta 5)

    I did a restart of playout and icecast to no avail

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  • Well we are closer than we have ever been with the DEV version

    Thank you to Martin for making some serious advances

    We are still having some import from NAS issues but we are getting much further than previously

  • Good Morning All!

    Not that we have arrived at the "perfect" Airtime version but we're are getting much closer

    The team at Sourcefabric has been so very conscientious and have worked through many of the issues on the dev version

    Sure I've had to nuke my databases and rebuild play lists BUT we're in a position where that's something we can do and hopefully we've been a good real world test bed for the software.

    I "git - ed/got" the dev version from yesterday and all seems to be working and stable including the import from our NAS

    Also, it would appear the database WILL NOT bork itself if you lose connectivity to your NAS

    To all those who are using an NAS as your source for content, I would HIGHLY recommend you mount on boot the folders you are going to watch.

    This minimizes any possible pukeage by your database

    Sure there are glitches here and there BUT we will be testing over the weekend seeing if we can break it again.

    Thanks to Martin et al for all of your assistance!
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  • Hey guys!

    I managed to break the latest DEV version

    The import process BORKED when I had a folder name containing an "&" and got the infamous "processing" window of death

    I copied the folder content to another folder without the "&" hoping it would resolve itself

    Looks like that did not work

    I hope I'm not going to lose all the playlists

  • I took a chance and restarted airtime and that seemed to work BUT there is a problem using an "&" in any file name or folder name

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    Hey I just tried using an "&" in a folder name and then started to watch it and didn't have a problem.

    Do you have any logs left over from when you were doing this import?
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    I think, i've identified the problem
    on ubuntu 10.04 , no problem with & or " or ' , etc
    but on ubuntu 11.04 (and I don't know why ;) this files are problematics ...

    for information, all my machines are utf-8 compliants
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    do you see anything strange/ want to send over the logs in /var/log/airtime/media-monitor

    is there anything in py-interpreter.log?

    Also where was the '&' located? folder name, filename, file metadata etc
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    I've already talk about that here, and logs are empty.
    I think the problem comes from ubuntu or python version of ubuntu 11.04
  • Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 have some strange problems with UTF-8 encodings (for Python) that I've been trying to track down for several weeks. There are many hacks in the internet in an attempt to fix these, but the official recommendation seems to be to move from Python 2.6/2.7 to Python 3.0 (which addresses all Unicode problems).

    @Bob, please let us know if you can reproduce the problem successfully on your machine. We'd really appreciate those log files.
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    'night Martin ;)

    Airtime 2.03/2.1 are they python 3 compliant ?
  • No, the code is written for Python 2.6/2.7.

    We may have to consider Python 3.0 for our future releases. I've heard porting the code is fairly simple :)
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  • Looks like I struck again...

    I've been retained a few times by companies to break their technology

    Always seem to use technology that makes it bork in ways developers didn't consider

    Can't wait for the RC
  • Martin, when is the next RC version going to be released?

    I broke the last one again

    It will not import files any more

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  • We are looking to release this week. Were you able to find the cause of why it broke for you?
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  • Sorry, but no

    Been quite busy with projects

    That thing you requested has been passed along
  • Good Morning

    When is the next version going to be released?

  • Never mind...

    I just saw it

    I'll be installing a fresh copy and will advise when I break it ;)

  • Looking forward to it :)
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