Booktype VM with vagrant
  • I want to give Booktype a try.
    But rather than trying to install all dependencies on OS X, i would prefer running a dev/demo setup in a fresh and contained environment.
    I have set up a VirtualBox guest system through vagrant/veewee with ubuntu Lucid (10.4 LTS). 

    By running vagrant up from within the freshly cloned Booktype master branch fires up a fresh VM. and mounts the Booktype repo into the VM [...] Runs Chef solo recipes to install dependencies and run the Booktype install procedure. (check for details)

    Before writing any Booktype specific chef recipes I would usually test the installation steps manually first.
    That´s where I am stuck at the moment. (went through all the INSTALL instructions)

    I assume the python/django version installed through apt/easy install is either broken or does not match Booktype requirements.

    running ./createbooki [..] seems to work
    ./createbooki --check-versions --database sqlite
    says all requirements are satisfied (except some image manipulation lib, which i guess is ok to install later on )

    running syncdb --noinput
    throws a lot of deprecation warnings.. see

    I have only very little python and no django experience/skills.
    Looking forward to running Booktype with vagrant :)
    deploying to ec2 from that setup will be easy, almost.

    Maybe I can find someone to give me a hand with that on the Booktype hands on workshop on Monday in Berlin @supermarkt?
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  • I pushed a first draft of my vagrant setup to github

    the Chef Solo run doing the dependency installation (postgres,python,django,nginx[...]) works so far and solves my problems described above.

    I think I'll try to improve my booktype recipes towards a fully functional booktype setup.
    so far I am stuck at creating a postgres user/database within the booktype recipe.

    setup still needs to be finished manually: start with step 5. of the INSTALL inststructions

    please give it a try - in theory you should end up with a virtualized reproducible booktype development/production environment
    Feedback would be great.
    Should I make pull request ;) ?
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    hey Leander

    This is very cool. I have emailed Aco (lead dev) to take a peak...

  • While Vagrant ships out of the box with support for VirtualBoxHyper-V, and Docker, Vagrant has the ability to manage other types of machines as well. This is done by using other providers with Vagrant.

    Alternate providers can offer different features that make more sense in your use case. For example, if you are using Vagrant for any real work, VMware providers are recommended since they're well supported and generally more stable and performant than VirtualBox.