Airtime 2.1 Beta4
  • We are getting ever closer to an RC, and here is our weekly beta.

    A few UI updates as well a lot of backend work on fixing bugs. One of the few user-visible changes in this update is the ability to edit an entire Show or just an individual instance (click on the Show Event in the Calendar to see this in action).

    We look forward to hearing any feedback.

    Download here.
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  • I decided to uninstall 2.1.0 beta 3 before installing 2.1.0 beta 4. I found the instructions in the FAQ to be incorrect (from I searched for the uninstall file using 'find / -name 'airtime-uninstall.php' and found it in a subdirectory in my home folder (because that's where the floss manual said to manually install airtime) in ~/home/<myname>/airtime-2.1.0/minimal_install/include/airtime-uninstall.php. Once I found it, I could use the command 'sudo php ~/home/<myname>/airtime-2.1.0/minimal_install/include/airtime-uninstall.php and Airtime uninstalled. After that, I could do the full install of beta 4 and the check succeeded.
  • The import of existing media works correctly with one small problem. I see the media-monitor grabbing files in the Playlist Builder because it shows me progress above the search box. The progress comes on for a minute, turns off, then back on again - this bounces the display up and down (which looks a little weird), but it keeps going. However, it does not update the list even when it is done until I switch to another tab, like Add Media, and then back again. I suggest that Airtime update the list periodically, perhaps at the end of each progress cycle, to give a visual representation of what has been imported.

    Steps to reproduce this phenomena:
    1) Uninstall Airtime 2.1.0 beta 3 - this leaves the media intact in the current media folder
    2) Install Airtime 2.1.0 beta 4
    3) Change the media folder to the current media folder using System->Media Folders
    4) Click on Playlist Builder - wait for progress to start
    5) Notice that progress starts and stops periodically as the files are imported and that the list does not show any files being added
    6) Click on Add Media, the click on Playlist Builder - notice that files have been added to the list
  • > Once I found it, I could use the command 'sudo php ~/home/<myname>/airtime-2.1.0/minimal_install

    Correct command is actually ~/home/<myname>/airtime-2.1.0/minimal_install/airtime-uninstall :) How can we make this clearer?

    However, it does not update the list even when it is done until I switch to another tab, like Add Media, and then back again.

    Already fixed :) Will be ready for our next release which will also be a beta.
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  • Here's what the FAQ says:

    How do I uninstall Airtime?

    To uninstall just type this:

    cd ~/airtime/install-minimal
    sudo ./airtime-uninstall
    Note the mis-spelling: install-minimal - it uses a dash instead of an underscore. When that is corrected, the script works correctly. Also note that the parent directory 'airtime' uses a version number like 'airtime-2.1.0' so changing directory as the FAQ suggests will just generate the error "No such file or directory." This is what prompted me to use find to locate the script.

    The FAQ might be a little clearer if it read:
    cd ~/airtime-<version number>/install_minimal
    sudo ./airtime-uninstall

    Example for version 2.1.0:
    cd ~/airtime-2.1.0/install_minimal
    sudo ./airtime-uninstall

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    Hi everyone !

    a beta 5 or a RC soon ?
    only for information
    no pressure ;)