Airtime 2.1 Beta3
  • Hi Guys,

    Another week another beta:

    Lots more polish than last week, and you will see a much improved dashboard as well :). We are slowly but surely working our way to stable and relatively bug-free RC, but in the meantime, please try the latest beta and let us know what you think :).
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  • Hi, as I cant report bugs some other way (can only browse bug tracker, really?) I'am going to do it this way.

    When installing using Chef recipe it fails at part where database should be imported. Converting file to utf8 fixes the problem. 

    createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible with the encoding of the template database (SQL_ASCII)
    HINT:  Use the same encoding as in the template database, or use template0 as template.

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  • Hi dz0ny,

    You simply need an account to post bugs to the tracker. 

    As for your problem, your database is in an ASCII char set which is a very old and Airtime (or any modern program) wouldn't work correctly with any audio tracks that use foreign characters. Your database *needs* to support UTF-8. UTF-8 is also the default, not sure why your system has a non-standard config.

    If you aren't using the postgresql database for any other data, you can try the steps outlined at this link:

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  • Reply to @Martin+Konecny: I've fixed problem. However this didn't happen in stable branch (airtime 2.0.3) only in latest beta. I haven't looked past php install script but something must have changed? Default when you install pgsql, there is no clusters only default template. So when you create template0 using airtime install script, there must be doing something wrong.

    Also I tested this on different boxes, at it is the same. 
  • In 2.1 we enforced it so that the database would be UTF-8. It doesn't make sense to be ASCII.

    We don't actually create any templates, we just use the existing one, which in your case happened to be ASCII.
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  • Hi All,

    I am new here, so if this is not the right place to report this, please tell.

    Last week I installed Airtime 2.0.2 using a tar ball on one of my Debian machines I use for testing purposes. This worked like a charm. Today I wanted to try the new live stream options so I installed the 2.1.0 beta3. The installation went fine, however Airtime does not.

    When I go to the playlist builder is says 'Processing' but nothing happens. After 10 minutes is still says the same. My playlists or music will not appear. In my calendar the shows I had added in 2.0.2 are gone. When I try to add one and click 'Add this show' the left part of my browser screen goes gray, my mouse-pointer starts to roll when I am over that part of the screen, but nothing happens. If I make a mistake (pick a date/time in the past) I do get a warning and am able to correct this, but when I press 'Add this show' is just waits.

    This is just a test-environment, so no real work is lost. However I am curious is this is a bug somewhere in the upgrade process or is it just my machine having this problem?

    I am running Airmate on Debian 6.0 (kernel AMD64). This machine does not have a desktop environment. I use Safari on OSX for configuration. I restarted the airtime processes and rebooted the machine but that did not help.

    I am not sure which logs or other details are useful, so if you need additional info, please do ask.


    Thomas van Spronsen
  • Hi Thomas,

    The upgrade scripts are still in the process of being developed for 2.1. The Airtime 2.1 Release candidate will all the bugs ironed out.

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    Reply to @Martin+Konecny:I just re-did my test box (Lucid) to UTF-8 because of that same error and want everything UTF-8.

    I cleared out var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and checked var/lib/locales/supported.d/en
    Then sudo locale-gen --purge. 
    Then sudo locale-gen and rechecked the contents of the above two files.
    Checked the end of /etc/profile to see what was being export-ed.
    Exited my shell and logged in.
    Typed export to look for declare -x LANG="en_US.UTF-8" . It was there instead of iso...

    I used the first part of this post to create a new cluster for postgres.

    Database encodings be checked with su postgres -c "psql -l -p 5433"

    I was still having a problem with createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  encoding... and discovered this in the comments:
    - purge postgres (apt-get purge postgres postgres-common)

    - Reinstall postgres and now all databases are in UTF-8

    A bit bute force but that fixed it and I installed the latest Airtime via git.  Supposedly that link I mentioned above allows you to move existing databases but I didn't have anything I needed to keep on the test machine.

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