Why images placed on external servers are not copied
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    Why images placed on external servers are not copied on a server newscop, and remain in the form of external links?
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    Do you mean in the Add New Image tab, the feature called 'Specify image url if you want to load it'? There might be copyright implications if users copy images from the web to their own server without permission, or without attributing them correctly.

    Users have the option to download an image file to their desktop machine, and then upload it to the Media Archive. Then the image can be attached to an article, regardless of what happens to the original. Of course it would then be the user's responsibility to make sure they had permission to use the image in their publication.
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    Why it is impossible to make inquiry to the user to load on a server on external links or to use an external server?

    At use of a considerable quantity of images among which are present also external links. Necessity for additional actions which considerably complicate work is created

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    If you have suggestions for how the workflow could be improved, please let us know.
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    For improvement of technological process, it is necessary to add possibility to do selector at image addition
    ). To use external links on images as now or preliminary to load them on the server newscoop.
  • Thanks for the input. We will discuss the concept. Unfortunately Newscoop's media archive at this point doesn't allow you to work with an external storage server. This is actually one of the requirements we already have in the plan for Superdesk (another product we are working on) which will provide a completely new Media archive with more capabilities than the current one. Stay tuned !  ;-)
  • Looking at the concept of http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tantan-s3-cloudfront/ could be interesting.
    All assets uploaded through the web app are stored to amazon s3 transparently (S3 stream wrapper, should make the adoption for existing implementations easy). The underlying CMS(tantan is a wordpress plugin) just stores the S3 bucket/item url.

    This increases complexity (dealing with external services etc.) and a few things have to be considered but also brings in a lot of benefits:
    -use S3 as your content delivery network (maybe even add amazon cloudfront on top)
    -have all assets in a cheap,"fast" and redundant storage (S3)
    -once you separated the asset storage from you webapp, distributing the load over multiple app servers is possible.

    I think embracing that concept is essential to scale and deploy in the cloud
  • dend,

    as of Newscoop 4.0.0 we provide image renditions, you can read about it in the manual. With that you can do this:

    1) Add a remote image via pasting the URL in the "Add new image" screen
    2) You are right, the original image is not downloaded and stored in Newscoop, only a thumbnail is generated to be used in the Media Archive.
    3) However, you can go to any article and attach that remote image by picking the image from the Media archive
    4) And once attached, you can click on "Place images" and you will see Newscoop generates renditions out of the original (remote) image.

    So, in the end we don't store the original image but we do generate desired image sizes out of it.

    Hope this helps !!