Newscoop and image handling and article versioning
  • I am trying to set up a well functioning Newscoop 4.0RC3 site so that my users will have an easy time using it.

    I am having some issues with the image handling and functionality.
    Frankly I don't fully understand it. 

    How do I place photos into the article using the mouse after upload?
    So far I had to switch TinyMCE to HTML mode and use the tag <img id=X width=x height=x </img> and I am 100% sure that my users will not be able to do that. 

    The "upload image" page where I can assign images to thumb, front image and so on isn't very intuitive either. If it was documented somewhere I could of try to understand it :) But it doesn't respond very well, set as default doesn't work on the image to farmost left and the farmost right.
    Furthermore there is no way to insert images from this menu/page into the article which would have been intuitive since one can see the images.
    Am I missing something here maybe?

    Question3: Article versions / revisions 
    Have you considered implementing article revisioning / versions in Newscoop?

    Here's something that happened to me yesterday.
    I had edited my article a million times and published it, looked at it online about a 1000 times and then I decided to add a video embed.
    So I enter the HTML mode and paste the Youtube Embed code. 
    While saving, my wifi connection dies, and unluckily for me over half of the saved article is gone!
    I had to reconstruct the entire thing from a local hardrive textfile and do all that formatting once more.

    BTW I love Newscoop and I am building a site with it now.
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  • Hi Jobe,

    To reply to questions 1 and 2:

    - Documentation for the new Image Handling feature introduced in Newscoop 4.0 is in progress, it will be ready by the date of the final release to happen mid April. I will check if there is already some draft version for public access and if so I will provide the link.

    - The Image Handling at this point aims to provide more control over the images displayed in the pages at template level. This means, the workflow goes something like this:

    a) you design and create your publication, and in that process you define some fix places where you will be presenting images.

    b) you create the image renditions which will correspond to those images.

    c) you write the templates to render your pages, and in there you make use of the renditions.

    d) then, any time you or any other editor assign an image to a rendition, then that image will be presented where defined in the template.

    As you can see, the process and purpose of those images is different than the images you insert within the text. You can still insert any of the uploaded images to the article via the "Insert Image" plugin in the WYSIWYG editor, but at this point the renditions are not accessible from there.

    Article Versioning is not yet in our current RoadMap, although we have discussed on this topic several times now, most probably it will be provided through the SuperDesk platform we are building.

    Thanks for the input.

    All Best,

  • Thanks for all your answers.

    I guess that workflow makes sense and in fact makes it
    even easier for users. In this way they don't have to worry about placing images at all.
    I just didn't fully see how it was supposed to work :)

    Regarding versioning, I can fully understand that it makes the code a whole lot more complex than with no versioning. Looking forward to seeing what SuperDesk will offer.

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    there is very little documentation about the image renditions. a little starter here:

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