Airtime 2.1 Beta1
  • We are proud to announce version 2.1 beta of Airtime!!!

    This is an early beta, and we wouldn't recommend it as a daily driver, but we do encourage as many people try it out as possible. There are many new features and we would love to get feedback (especially regarding the interface which we are about to start polishing).

    New features include a completely rewritten Show Builder screen, where you can schedule audio tracks directly into the show. You do not need playlists anymore! The Show Builder screen also allows you to edit the show while it's playing. You can continuously add/remove tracks while the show on air.

    Another feature is the ability to schedule shows where a DJ can connect remotely via Mixxx or other live broadcast source generators to Airtime's playout engine (Liquidsoap), and Airtime will rebroadcast the stream to it's listeners. Once the scheduled show ends, Airtime will automatically disconnect the DJ and resume playback of regularly scheduled content.

    Another feature that is still being polished up is the ability to export what was broadcast in a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, PDF etc.)

    These are the main features, and a more complete list will be available around our target release date of the second week of April.

    You can download the beta here:

    A more complete (but technical) change list for 2.1 is available here:
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  • WOWowowo!!! I am so excited, that sound really, really great! 
    - scheduling audio tracks directly into the show.
    - ability to edit the show while it's playing
    - ability to schedule shows where a DJ can connect remotely (I recommend IDJC)
    - ability to export what was broadcast
    Cool! Buy it!

    Thanks for Airtime team, and Jira development desk.
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    I'm really exiting too
    but for me the great feature will be a scheduled stream with auto connect/deconnect
  • Hi,

    we've been using Airtime 2.0 since December and we're very happy.

    Today we installed the 2.1.0 Beta1 on Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop edition on Virtual Box.
    The manual installation process has been completed correctly in few minutes.

    We'll start to test the new enviroment tomorrow.
  • @Radio-Libriamoci,

    Feel free to go hard on us on the interface, and what you think should be improved. We're just starting to polish it next week.
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  • This sounds like Media-Monitor is having problems.

    Please attach the log file /var/log/airtime/media-monitor/media-monitor.log
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    Hi martin,

    One question ;)

    Ubuntu 12.04 will be soon here (as everyone know it'is a LTS version)
    Airtime 2.1 will be available on it ?
  • Yes,

    Airtime 2.0 should be available as an official package in Ubuntu's repositories. Of course we will already have 2.1 available around then - which will also have full Precise Pangolin support :)
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    great news :D
  • Awesomeness of the highest proportions . This is THE release I've waiting for.

    Thank you Sourcefabric!

    :D :-D
  • I've been testing for the last few hours and it really is cool. Some of the features are things that really add to Airtime's power. Adding audio to a show is massive for me, as is incoming stream automation. Thank you guys.

    Everything is zipping along for me in the interface there are a couple of places that could do with smoothing over. I was having some problems with my playlist editor window being a bit squashed but it seemed to resolve itself after a bit of use. Also some buttons in Live stream scheduler were not alligned   but all in all I love the feel of 2.1

    I do have one major problem though. My icecast server won't start. It did start but didn't show the mountpoints then it just stopped altogether and won't re-launch.

    When I run -  sudo service icecast2 start
    I get - server startup failed.Exiting

    The status section of Airtime seems fine all functions are ticked. 

    When I go to localhost:8000 
    I get  - liquidsoap source harbour This page isn't available

    Any ideas?


    Ubuntu 10.04
    Airtime 2.1
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  • Hi John,

    Did you set any of master port or dj port to 8000? and also set icecast port to 8000?

    Please let us know what's your setup for master port, dj port, and icecast port.

    Thank you.

  • Hi James, details below. Thanks for quick reply.

    Master Username - admin
    Master Pword - *********** (same as icecast)
    Master DJ Port - 8000 
    Master DJ Mountname - test 
    Master DJ Connect URL - localhost:8000/test

    DJ Port  - 8000
    DJ mountpoint - dj1
    Live DJ connection URL - localhost:8000/dj1
  • Hi John,

    1. you need to know what ports are available to use on your server.

    2. you cannot listen to the same port for both master and dj.

    Example of setting( assumeing port 8080 and 9090 are free to use):

    Master username: master

    Master Password: master

    Master DJ Port : 8080

    Master DJ Mont : master


    DJ port: 9090

    DJ mountpoint: dj


    Icecast uses port 8000 by default and I think you are using the default port for icecast. Hence, you cannot use port 8000 for any of master or dj port.



  • Thanks James, is that causing icecast not to launch though? 

    I'm getting error - Cannot connect to the listening server, 404 not found (HTTP 1.0)

    Are the master and dj settings secondary to the main Airtime scheduler ?  e.g 

    master dj is live in studio, icecast is listening on port 8080 (if specified in icecast config)

    dj is in remote studio, icecast is listening on port 9090 (if specified in icecast config)

    main scheduler is using port 8000

    What is the function of override? I've tried resstting my stream prefs but still no icecast. Icecast did work fine before Airtime install so config should be correct but I can post if that helps.

  • Hi John,

    You misunderstood the whole thing. The new live stream feature has nothing to do with icecast setup.
    The port that you specify here (eg. 8080 and 9090) are the port that Airtime listens to. Airtime detects incoming sources and once incoming source is connected to Airtime, you can switch on/off that source.

    In summary, you don't have to change anything in icecast setup. You just need to setup so Airtime listens to theses ports and relay the stream to Icecast.

    Please update me if you are able to figure out everything!

  • Does it mean that all settings have to be done in directly in Airtime interface with no actions on icecast.xml? Is it correct? Please confirm this. Thanks
  • ahh ok makes sense. icecast starting now. setting Master dj listen port to 8000 was causing icecast to fail. 

    Now icecast is working.

    I did have one issue with the additional stream settings. I entered a username and password and used 


    as per my icecast config setup. However doing this airtime couldn't connect to icecast saying authentication was needed. When I removed the username (admin) and saved the changes everything worked fine. Maybe something to look into while polishing :) 
  • Hi,

    Did you set "admin" as username in your icecast setup(icecast.xml)?
    Icecast sets username as "source" by default and Airtime uses "source" as username if nothing is specified.
    So you probably didn't set username field in your icecast setting?

    Let me know if that is the case.

    Thank you.
  • @Radio-Libriamoc: yes that is correct. You can still use custom icecast setup if you have to.
  • "So you probably didn't set username field in your icecast setting?

    correcto. all is well again. Thanks James

  • Need some help getting this running

    We are getting "cannot connect to the streaming server -  401 authentication required"

    In stream settings what should the values be for the input stream settings be?

    I'm using the username and password set in icecast.xml

    donthackme   * temp password

    What does the port & mount point need to be?

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  • Hi Bob,

    By default Icecast uses port 8000 and mount point can be anything unless you created a mount point in icecast.xml file. From the error message "cannot connect to the streaming server -  401 authentication required", it looks like port and mount point are configured ok, but something is wrong with user/pass setup.

    What's the tag name of icecast.xml file where you set the password(donthackme)?

  • I found the issue...

    It looks like a bug in the software

    I dropped the admin user name from stream 1>>additional options>>username and left it blank

    Now we connect

  • Next time you have a problem like this, you can check /etc/airtime/liquidsoap.cfg

    This is an auto-generated file by Airtime, and is used by Liquidsoap for its Icecast connection parameters.
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  • Thanks!
    Is the need to leave the username blank been reported?
  • By default, when no username is provided then it is simply substituted with name "source". So these two values (empty string "" and "source") should be interchangeable.

    If you switch back to "source" username, does the problem still exist?
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  • yes...

    This is not the source but the stream log in (see attached)
    As soon as I add a user name it borks
    631 x 391 - 18K
    601 x 354 - 17K
  • Hi Bob,

    Try string "source" for the username.
  • That worked... Thank You...

    Now on to another issue regarding audio levels

    On ver 2.0.3 the stream audio was always consistent. With 2.1.0 we are noticing audio levels dipping randomly

    We are using ffmp3 in a php wrapper to deliver the audio to the end user

    It worked before with 2.0.3 and now it's acting oddly

    Nothing has changed on the player side of things

    Anyone else experiencing that?
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